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Specialized training courses adapted to the needs of the company, possibility of FREE training through Fundae bonus

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Own technical service of repair, assembly and sale of equipment

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Windows Apps

With Windows being the most popular desktop (and in a close race in the tablets market) operating system in the world…


As either websites, desktop applications and mobile websites now offering more functionality to end users, that they can …

QA Testing

With even the smallest application (whatever the platform) or a web service having thousands of lines of codes and involving …

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How It All Started

Just like any other great company, the main thing that makes us stand out as better than our competitors is the experience.
Founded by a group of friends and MIT graduates more than 15 years ago, this web & mobile development company has always been the trailblazing team. We’ve started developing for mobile earlier than anyone else, soon afterward doing the same for the tablets market and then the HTML5-powered web projects.